Craig Goeckler, Sales & Mktg. Mgr.
3600 Rio Vista Ave.
Orlando, FL 32805 USA
Phone: 407-849-0190
Tollfree: 800-327-7791 |
Fax: 407-425-1569
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As the world’s leading manufacturer of water, wastewater, and stormwater inspection equipment, CUES provides the necessary tools for both pipeline inspection and repair.  For 50+ years, CUES has manufactured the most rugged and reliable pipeline inspection equipment in the industry.  CUES also offers a range of advanced systems, such as SONAR, LIDAR, and LASER PROFILING, for those requiring more detailed inspection data. GraniteNet condition assessment software enables our customer base to provide a strong foundation for decision making pertaining to establishing priorities for inspection, rehabilitation, or replacement of buried infrastructure. Superior customer service and support is an integral part of our job. At CUES, we strive to deliver legendary customer support & service that converts ordinary customers into lifetime customers. Contact CUES today for a free demo and learn how we can help you GO THE DISTANCE!

This company serves the following industries:

  • Grout
  • Video Inspection
  • Lateral Rehab Equipment
  • Sewer Robotics
  • Cutters (Lateral Reinstatement)

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